Save £80 New Year Offer!!

Larger lady run with weightsIf you’re looking to improve your health and fitness this year, why not consider investing in the support of a personal trainer?  As a personal trainer I can:

  • help you create realistic goals – ones you can achieve!
  • work out ways to help you reach those goals that suit your lifestyle – small changes can reap big rewards if you’re careful about what you change and how
  • support and motivate you to stay on track so you DO reach your target
  • help you make additional changes along the way when you reach the inevitable plateau.

If this sounds like the sort of support you need, I’m offering new clients £80 off 3 months of personal training sessions.

The offer includes:

  • a review of your current lifestyle, diet, activity and fitness level (as appropriate/required)
  • establishing and continued review of health and fitness goals
  • 12 personal training sessions based on the type of work-outs you like and are suitable for you (e.g. indoor/outdoor cardio, weight training, body-weight toning, core strength, pilates or flexibility and posture improving exercises).  These sessions can be taken once or twice per week at mutually convenient times but must be used within a period of 4 months from initial consultation
  • additional exercise prescription outside of the personal training sessions (i.e. other activities suitable for reaching your goals)
  • recommendations and advice for healthy eating
  • on-going monitoring and support by email, text or phone call (as appropriate)

Offer price of £350 valid until 31st January 2016.  Limited places available.  To take advantage of this offer simply email me via the contacts page HERE to book your initial consultation.