Why practice yoga?

Yoga is a great way to improve your strength and flexibility as well as being a great stress reliever that has numerous health benefits: 

  • boosting the immune system
  • preventing cartilage and joint breakdown
  • protecting your spine
  • improving circulation, balance and focus of attention
  • and it also makes you happier and feel more relaxed!

Hatha flow or vinyasa yoga is the combination of asanas (poses) with breath and movement.  It’s more dynamic than some yoga classes so it can feel more energetic and invigorating as well as giving the body a lovely stretch.  My yoga classes often include some mindfulness techniques and end with a short time of guided relaxation.

Yoga is a form of exercise suitable for most people but  if you have any specific conditions or injuries you’d like to discuss please get in touch and I can let you know if the class is suitable for you.


Monday – Hatha Flow Yoga: a stronger flow class suitable for those who have practiced yoga before, already have a regular class/home practice or regularly participate in other cardiovascular exercise (e.g. running, cycling).  6-7:15pm at The Landmark Centre, Deal.  Book online HERE.

Tuesday – Gentle Hatha Flow Yoga: suitable for those new to flow yoga or looking for a more gentle flow class.  7-8:15pm at The Landmark Centre, Deal. Book online HERE.

Saturday – Yin Yoga: a floor based  yoga class focussed on seated and lying postures.  Includes breathing practice,  meditation  and relaxation.  Suitable for most bodies including beginners.  9-10am online via Zoom or my garden in Walmer when the weather allows.  Book online HERE.

Please contact me if you have any questions about suitability or check the calendar and book your space HERE.


Private Yoga

Tailored specifically to your needs and body, I offer private yoga classes, on request and subject to availability, at my home in Walmer.  This is perfect if you’re looking for immediate feedback on any alignment concerns, if you have any physical limitations that make classes inaccessible or if you’re looking to focus on something specific. 

This option is also suitable for couples who wish to practice together or small groups of up to 4 people.  This is also suitable for pre or post natal ladies.

A 75 minute session is £50 (max 4 students), daytime sessions only.  A shorter 60 minute class may also be possible (£40).

Teaching Style

My classes are relaxed and informal and I encourage people to ask questions as we go along to encourage everyone to make the most of the class for their body type and ability.  My teaching style is encouraging, positive and accepting of individual limitations.  I focus on the intention of yoga poses, helping students get the most out of the body they’ve got  whilst improving strength, flexibility, coordination, balance as well as providing some space and time to unwind.  I love meeting new people and building friendships with students.  I am thrilled when students begin to see the different benefits yoga brings and feel very privileged to be able to share this with students.