Why practice yoga?

Yoga is a great way to improve your strength and flexibility as well as being a great stress reliever that has numerous health benefits: 

  • boosting the immune system
  • preventing cartilage and joint breakdown
  • protecting your spine
  • improving circulation, balance and focus of attention
  • and it also makes you happier and feel more relaxed!

Most classes take place at my home garden studio in Walmer and cost £9/£9.10 to drop in or £7.25 pro rata when you book a block. I have yoga equipment to borrow in the studio or you can bring your own.

Classes are booked and paid for in advance using an online platform. You need to register and can then see class availability and book.

I offer 3 different types of yoga classes. Read more about them below. My timetable of classes is at the bottom of each web page. The Monday Flow class takes place at The Landmark Centre in Deal (please bring your own mat to this class) and all others are at my studio in Walmer.

My classes are relaxed and informal and I encourage people to ask questions as we go along. My teaching style is encouraging, positive and accepting of individual limitations.  I focus on the intention of yoga poses, helping students get the most out of the body they’ve got, whilst improving strength, flexibility, coordination and balance as well as providing some space and time to unwind.  

More about the yoga I offer…

Flow Yoga – also known as vinyasa yoga.  This is a moderately dynamic form of yoga where poses (asanas) are movement between asanas are linked to breathing.  The class begins with some mixed movement to warm up the muscles and joints and then asanas are sequenced together to create a flow.  The asanas and the sequences are fully guided by me but there’s less hands on adjusting than you might find in a hatha class.  I always offer variations to cater for different body shapes and physical abilities and the use of props such as yoga bricks and belts is encouraged (and provided in my studio).  A flow class is suitable for anyone who has a basic level of fitness and who can get up and down from the floor easily.

Hatha yoga – a more steady approach to the asanas.  Poses are generally held for a longer time so you have more space to explore the sensations each shape offers as well as adapt them to your own body.  It’s a great place to start if you’ve not practiced yoga before or if you prefer a more steady class. 

Yin yoga – yoga that focusses more on the connective tissues, fascia and ligaments.  Yin yoga involves spending more time in a limited range of quite simple poses with the body supported by different props (bolsters, blocks etc).  Nearly all poses are performed sitting or lying down.  The class is very quiet and meditative so a great place to come to slow down and unwind. 

All my yoga classes include some mindfulness or breathing practices and end with a short time of guided relaxation.

Private Yoga Classes – available at the studio in Walmer subject to availability on a one to one or small group basis. This is suitable for anyone wanting more personal coaching or guidance for whatever reason. Sessions can be ad hoc or regular depending on availability. Please get in touch to discuss your requirements. Most sessions are one hour and cost £45.