Workshops for 2021!


Yin and Yang Workshops – 2019

Yang workshops this year included one focussing on strengthening the body for flows (May 2019) and one looking at a variety of mixed movement to support our yoga practice (October 2019).  In April we spent the morning practicing yin postures to work on deeper tissues and practiced some mindfulness techniques to bring attention to the present moment.  In December we took this a step further with a mindfulness and meditation morning which gave time to practicing breathing and meditation techniques we well as some gentle movement to open the body and prepare it for time spent sitting.

28th April – “The other half to you yoga practice” – Yin Workshop

12th May – “Strengthening and balancing for flows” – Yang Workshop

20th October – Mixed Movement Workshop

1st December – Mindfulness and Meditation Morning

Relax and Unwind Yoga Workshop – 20th January 2018

Lighting candles at bokeh background and man doing meditation at sunset. Space for your text

Give yourself or a loved one the gift of relaxation in 2018.  This morning workshop is designed to help you unwind and decompress after the new year and help to bring some mental and physical balance back to the body.

The class will include: some gentle asana flows (yoga postures combined with movement and breath) to loosen closed spaces in the body; some longer held, passive stretches that you can use to let go of unwanted tension and a breathing practice that lowers the heart rate and reduces stress and anxiety.  The practice will finish with guided relaxation to allow you to completely switch off and come away feeling restored and rejuvenated.

Yoga Time-out: Standing Strength – 9th December 2017
‘Time-out’ classes provide the opportunity to spend a little more time on your yoga practice than you may normally allow yourself at home.  It’s all too easy for friends, family, work and home commitments to take priority over self-nurturing and pretty soon we end up feeling constantly frazzled.  These classes give you an opportunity to get away from the hustle and bustle of the daily grind (or Christmas shopping!) so that you come away feeling refreshed, energised and ready to tackle life’s demands once more.
Standing StrengthThe class begins with breathing and meditation to settle the mind and prepare the body for the physical (asana) practice. Here we set our intention for the morning to find the balance between santosha (acceptance) and tapas (effort). We’ll then explore some thoughtful, flowing sequences designed to develop strength for standing postures and treat ourselves to some lovely nurturing stretches to help wind our way into a yoga nidra guided relaxation.  Everyone will be encouraged to work at their own level and remain authentic to their own abilities.
Core Strength Yoga Workshop – 23rd September 2017

Come and spend the morning working on exercises designed to draw attention to the core20170803_085840 muscles, followed by some flow sequences to put your learnings into practice.  Suitable for regular hatha flow practitioners or anyone who exercises regularly (e.g. runners or cyclists) who want to try something new to support their fitness program.

The morning will also include a discussion on how the concept of the physical core relates to the more subtle yogic body, full relaxation will conclude the session and refreshments are also provided.