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Feedback from Ruth

“Jo is and positive and brilliant PT.  She is always looking for new and fun things to do, always with your goals and limitations at the fore front.  I have been training with Jo for overall fitness and weight loss before I get married.  I would recommend Jo 100%, she is always on hand for advice or a gentle shove in the right direction :-)”

Feedback from Fiona

Jo Hammond is a wonderful personal trainer!  She is thoughtful, a delight to be with, highly knowledgeable and each session comes prepared with a programme that feels personal, is different every time and really supports my progress.  I didn’t have any specific goals when we began other than a vague “wanting to be fitter” but Jo has gently stretched me to go way beyond where I thought I could be.   I feel fitter than I’ve ever done before.  One really important indicator of how good Jo is and how interesting she makes the sessions is that since we started training together four months ago, I have never woken up – even on those cold, grey, windy Deal days – not wanting it to be “a Jo Morning”.

Feedback from Lucie

“Jo is an highly motivating, friendly and approachable personal trainer who clearly loves her job. She listens to what her clients want to achieve and tailors the programmes to individual needs, making changes as your fitness progresses. She pushes you beyond your comfort limits but in a friendly and supportive way which makes you want to do better. Highly recommended for all aspects of training including more specialist training for races and competitions. “

Feedback from Kevin

In December 2013, at the age of 46, I decided that I had to do something to stop the lurch in middle age spread. I am time poor and lazy and will always look for a reason not to do something. I contacted Jo and have not looked back. She organised a program and is still coming to me twice a week to keep me in check. It is no exaggeration to say that my life has been transformed. By taking regular exercise I feel so much better and am much happier. Jo is a taskmaster however she is adaptable and thankfully always comes up with new ideas so it is never boring. Don’t put it off, do it!

Feeback from Sam

I booked five 2-hour training sessions with Jo over the school summer holidays, for myself and 2 teenage children.  I can honestly say that on completion of the sessions my stomach was flatter (my main objective) and I felt much stronger and fitter.  My children also felt the benefits and it was lovely to exercise with them and have a professional on board who was able to encourage them.  Thank you Jo

Feedback from Katherine

I would like to say I am very grateful for what you have done for me since I signed up, you have changed the way I look at myself and the way I think about food and exercise and it has been such a positive experience so once again thank you.  I will be keeping this up now as I feel you have made me more focused on changing my lifestyle and not crash dieting and I love exercising which I never thought I would say.  Thank you for changing my life!

Testimonial from Julie

“I had 6 training sessions with Jo, I found her to be a very good trainer in all parts of all her training.  From technique to pushing you to your limits with encouragement and writing a programme to follow when going alone. If it wasn’t for me having those PT sessions I wouldn’t be doing what I am now in the gym. I probably would have given up.”